Curse of Strahd

To the Manor born

Adran's sixth log entry

As we entered the Argyn Vost Holt, a mysterious shadow flit across the entry. What little we could tell from the first floor suggested that the Holt had been attacked and ransacked, most likely after the battle we had observed in the mist below.

The Holt’s chapel was home to a trio of undead, which set upon us as we entered. We defeated them, and the further exploration of the chapel revealed a Holy Book to the Morninglord, hidden in what seemed to be seat of the Lord of the Manor. It was noted that the Lord seemed to worship alone, with neither wife, nor children nor other family.

As we left the chapel, Oscar let out a piercing scream. Lady Arimaka moved quickly to comfort him. He claimed that he had glimpsed the severed head of Daisuke in a shadowed alcove, but upon inspection, it was simply a bust of Argyn Vost, the Lord of Argyn Vost Holt. I am concerned that Oscar’s hold on sanity is fraying, as this is not the first time he has seen something that is not there. I will redouble my watch. Lady Arimaka cannot be compromised!

We continued our exploration of the manor, unleashing a torrent of spiders, who were no match for our steel. We came upon a second group of undead in one of the upper rooms. They were willing to talk, and directed us to their leader, Sir Horngaard, who had taken residence in one of the adjoining rooms.

Sir Horngaard claimed that he and his host were damned, and further claimed to be the jailers of Strahd. He was categorical that should we bring Tatiana to the Holt, he would kill her himself to deprive Strahd of his prize. He also claimed that he and his soldiers had served Argyn Vost until his defeat by Strahd’s forces. He also ranted and raved about some sort of “Dark Powers”.

I believe that Sir Horngaard was lying about some of the particulars of the curse. The battle at Argyn Vost had to have occurred before Strahd conquered Ravenloft, so before Tatiana died for the first time for refusing Strahd. If that is the case, the revenants’ return could not have been tied to Tatiana.

We continued to the manor’s library, where a torn tapestry revealed a truth: Argyn Vost was more than a lord, he was a silver dragon who gave his life defending the valley. The revenants are the remains of the Order of the Silver Dragon. Were they false? Has the weird magic that seems to pervade this valley twisted their oath (as it seems to twist everything else) so that all they remember is their opposition to Strahd regardless of what their master wanted?

The shadow of the Silver Dragon wishes for us to retrieve his skill from Castle Ravenloft and return it to the mausoleum of Argyn Vost Holt. Without magic, this will be extremely difficult. I am concerned that Lady Arimaka leave Ravenloft quickly, lest she too be corrupted by the same magics that seem to affect the inhabitants of this valley.



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