Curse of Strahd

Valaki Church Massacre

Strahd - What a dick!

Rictavio entered the room. He said that he had seen us intercede on behalf of the unfortunate Valaki guardsman. He believe that he could put us in contact with character who also wanted to do good not evil in Borovia.

We headed out to the stables adjoining the inn, where we met Phaelan, an elf who, like us, had been lured to Borovia. She explained that she had participated in an attempt to overthrow Strahd, but that Strahd had visited horrible reprisals on the villagers involved and on her companions. She also told us that a band of werewolves had taken her children.

Before we could assist her, there was the matter of the family in the stocks in the Valaki town square. Daisuke, Phaelan and I went to liberate the family. For obvious reasons (not wanting to draw excessive attention to ourselves), our goal was to avoid killing the guardsmen. I disguised Phaelan as a human, and while she distracted the guards with her charms (literally), Daisuke and I moved to liberate the imprisoned family. They refused to be liberated, fearing reprisals. The family clearly feared the Baron more than they trusted us. I found it difficult to argue with their logic.

In the meantime, Lady Arimaka, Oscar, Elga and Ireena returned to the Valaki church to recover Mika’s body. Something must have frightened the population, because the church was packed with villagers seeking hope and protection. The band managed to descend to the crypt, where they were surprised to find that Mika’s body had disappeared. The interlopers had left a trail which the adventurers followed.

Unfortunately, the trail led them to discover a veritable army of darkness pooling about the church. Our quick-thinking heroes realized that with an army of vampires, Lord Strahd couldn’t be far behind, and, as a consequence, Ireena was in great danger! In order to protect Ireena, the quartet descended into the church and caused a panic among the churchgoers. This created a perfect cover for Ireena to slip out of the church unnoticed while the vampires feasted on the hapless villagers.

The screams of the villagers reached Daisuke, Phaelan and me in the town square. Daisuke was off like a flash to the church, and Phaelan transformed into a horse to carry me behind him. While Lady Arimaka, Oscar and Elga fought bats and other denizens of the night, Phaelan arrived and summoned bears to rip apart the vampire spawn. She quickly morphed into a bear herself and joined the fray.

The fight was overwhelming, with many villagers dying. When a vampire spawn attempted to take out Elga, an unexpected presence joined the fray on our behalf: Mika, displaying some very un-Mika-like traits: 1) not dying; and 2) actually contributing to the combat.

Strahd appeared, draining the priest. Daisuke had fought his way into the vestibule, and challenged him. In a daring display, he shrugged off Strahd’s attempt to mesmerize him, than ripped a tapestry and tangled the master vampire in it. He followed this with a brief pummelling. Strahd became mist to escape the tapestry and approached Daisuke, murder in his eyes…



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