Curse of Strahd

Double, double

The party headed towards the old mill. The beaten down path towards it did not offer much cover, so they would have to hope that no one in the mill was watching the path. 10 minutes later, they had arrived at the wooden door of the mill.

The mill was about three stories high, with windows at each story, and a dilapidated wooden scaffold outside each level. Adran immediately proposed entering through the second story window to catch any inhabitants by surprise, though Elga, Oscar and Lady Arimaka were more absorbed by a curious raven perched upon the front door of the mill, which seemed to be attempting to communicate.

Adran and Daisuke clambered up the scaffolding and took position on either side of the window. Unfortunately, the discussion of whether to enter stealthily or not, and whether to attempt to communicate with the bird had attracted attention, and the window slowly creaked open.

An ancient head peered out of the window. Without hesitation, Adran grabbed the old woman and pulled with all his might. With a surprised yell, the crone found herself flying out the window and onto the muddy ground below. Further cursing followed from inside the mill.

To Lady Arimaka’s sense, the old woman smelled of putrefaction and disease, a sure sign of moral decay. A quick sign to Oscar and Elga, and they attacked. However, almost immediately the old crone vanished, and two of the adventurers felt something run past them.

Meanwhile, the creature in the mill was descending the stairs. Adran snuck in behind her and shot her point blank with his crossbow, attracting howls of rage as the vile witch Morgantha wheeled about and charged him with her long diseased claws. Lady Arimaka came to his assistance, with the remaining adventurers engaged with the hag outside. Soon, they heard screaming as the third weird sister joined the fray from further down the road.

The battle was long and challenging, with the women regularly turning invisible to avoid the party’s attacks. The party was aided by the raven, which began by perching upon the sisters and attempting to peck their eyes out, and afterwards, transforming to a half-human, half-raven form to attack. The battle ended with one hag dead and the remaining two in flight.

A search of the mill revealed two children about to be baked into pies, and Ismark decided to take them with him as he returned to Barovia. A further search of the environs revealed an ancient circle of stones, likely the reason the witches had taken up residence in the mill. While the stones were a testament to an older pagan religion of the region, the witches seemed as if they were attempting to desecrate the power in favour of their own infernal patron.

The raven introduced himself. He was a Borovian under a curse the permitted him to transform into a raven, and he had assisted us because we sought to exterminate the evil witches. He indicated to us an inn in Valaki where we might find assistance, and provided some background on the region and the Vistani, who are rumoured to consort with Strahd. After thanking him, we continued on the road to Valaki.



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