Curse of Strahd

Festival of the Blazing Sun

The party arrived at Valaki, a stockaded town gaily festooned with wolf heads. The guards were at first reticent to less us enter, but we convinced them to allow us to enter.

Very quickly, the group learned that in a few days, the town would be hosting the Festival of the Blazing Sun, and that the Baron, the leader of the town, mandated happiness on behalf of the townsfolks, or else. He seemed to believe that this happiness would keep the darkness from Barovia at bay.

The group arrived to the Blue Water Inn, where they met Erwin Mactikoff, the owner and his wife, Danika. The party entered the inn as unobtrusively as possible, which varied from very (Adran) to “bull in china shop” (Lady Arimaka, Oscar and Elga). Erwin was willing to help, offering us a room to let, and the group engaged in discussions that evening.

Erwin advised that he had been expecting a delivery of wine which had not arrived, and offered us our stay, free of charge, if we could find out what happened to the shipment. We agreed and undertook to set out to the “Wizard of wines” the next day.

In the mean time, we had noticed a general store opposite the inn, named the “Arasek Stockyard”. On its premises, we saw a gaily coloured wagon. A brief investigation determined that it was some sort of carnival wagon containing a large tiger decked in armour. Its owner, Rictavio, a half-elf, was staying at the Blue Water Inn.

Adran went to speak with him, determining that he was not a native to Barovia, and he had arrived around the same time Lady Arimaka’s group had. He was an entertainer, and he was happy to perform at the Festival of the Blazing Sun.

The next day, the party set out to the Wizard of wines. It was set upon by a pair of dire wolves, but they were no match for the group’s steel and grit. The vineyard was not difficult to find, and the owner was happy to explain the current circumstances.

A circle of druids appears to have taken umbrage with an ingredient used by the owner in his wines, and has taken over the winery. The owner, his family and hands tried to fight back, but were overrun. The party has undertaken to chase off the druids, but progress towards the winery was impeded by a large group of needle studded horrors.

As if that were not enough, Mika has reappeared at the Blue Water Inn. She claims that Strahd released her when he grew tired of her, but neither Adran nor Daisuke are convinced…



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